• MARCH 9, 2018

    Development Application Resubmission

    Development Resubmission to
    the City of Mississauga

  • MARCH 9, 2018

    Preliminary Renderings

    Submitted with the Development Resubmission to
    The City of Mississauga.

  • JANUARY 26, 2018

    Construction Management Plan

    Phase 1 - Demolition & Remediation


Port Credit’s Evolving Waterfront Vision

The following presentations have been made to City of Mississauga representatives and staff. They are subject to change as WVP completes the planning approval process. These presentations will evolve through the process.

What’s Happened So Far

Site History: 1880 - 2017

Nestled where Mississauga Road meets Lake Ontario, just west of the mouth of the Credit River, lies a site steeped in a history that speaks to the essence of Port Credit’s rich industrial legacy. This is a place where jobs were created and enterprise took root.


A Community Vision: Inspiration Port Credit 2012 - 2015

The exciting future envisioned for this site was inspired by a plan fostered by the dreams and invested with the aspirations of the community. Endorsed in 2012 by Mississauga City Council, the Inspiration Port Credit initiative equipped and empowered citizens to reimagine and to define their expectation. Collaboration with City staff and expert consultants resulted in the community-guided Master Planning Framework. This cornerstone document was a central tool in the process used by Imperial Oil to select WVP. It remains a guiding force behind the Master Plan visioning process now underway.


Recent Application to the City of Mississauga has been updated in the Master Plan section of the web site.

A collaborative approach to development.

Imperial Oil, the former landowner of this large, 72-acre post-industrial site, selected WVP to purchase the site and to undertake its transformation.

WVP is a carefully crafted team of leading Canadian developers who bring together broad and unique expertise, significant technical and financial resources, and a complete commitment to meet and exceed the community’s expectations.

In December 2016, Imperial Oil announced it had signed an Agreement of Purchase and Sale with WVP. After the completion of the due diligence period, the transaction closed in March, 2017.


Engagement with Community Stakeholders

Admired for its waterfront beauty and small-town vibe, Port Credit also has earned a reputation as a community that is rich in citizen engagement.

WVP has actively promoted continuing discussions with stakeholder advisors from residents, ratepayers and the business community. Executive members of the Town of Port Credit Association (TOPCA), Port Credit Cranberry Cove Ratepayer Association (PCCCRA) and the Port Credit Business Improvement Area (BIA) have devoted many hours to meeting with the team, raising important issues, challenging assumptions and providing preliminary feedback. Some sessions also have included neighbourhood advocates from the adjacent Old Port Credit Village (OPCV) Heritage Conservation District.

This has been a tremendously positive process as it has allowed WVP to better understand both the opportunities and concerns from a community perspective.


Site Restoration

Given the site's industrial history and environmental site characteristics, remediation and site management measures will be required to facilitate redevelopment for the intended land uses. In particular, the built form and phasing plan have been integrated with the proposed remedial efforts.

WVP will undertake comprehensive site remediation activities and documentation in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act, specifically the Records of Site Condition (RSC) regulation (O. Reg. 153/04, as amended). This will include close consultation with the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) and other stakeholders, including the City of Mississauga. All work will be completed by qualified contractors and consultants, including a third party Qualified Person, as defined by MOECC, which is necessary for approved MOECC risk assessments and the completion of RSC(s).


Retail / Commercial

Inspiration Port Credit prescribed a vision to activate both the Lakeshore Road retail connection as well the waterfront “campus” precinct. The emerging plan calls for some 350,000 s.f. of dedicated retail and commercial space across the site. The proposed Community centre on the water’s edge will provide recreation and a variety of other resources for the entire neighbourhood.


Draft Master Plan Presentation

Draft Master Plan Presentation to Ratepayer Groups on April 3, 2017.