Notice Of Proposed Certificate Of Property Use, July 2022

Environmental Registry of Ontario (ERO) Number 019-5731

We are providing notification to you, as neighbours and/or possible interested stakeholders, notice of a proposal given as a requirement of sections 22, 25, and 28 of the Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993.

As indicated in the proposal, the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks has accepted a Risk Assessment prepared for the owner, Port Credit West Village Partners Inc., for use of the property as Residential, Parkland, Commercial, Community and/or Institutional Use.

The proposed risk management measures for the property are detailed in Part 4 of the draft Certificate of Property Use (CPU). The information regarding the Risk Assessment and the CPU are available for review on the website noted below.

Please provide any comments on the ERO website link by no later than September 1, 2022, which is the comment period deadline.

If you have any questions or require anything further, please do not hesitate to contact Tim Edwards, Halton-Peel District Engineer, at or 905-330-8831.

Temporary Closure of Multi-Use Trail for Municipal Storm Sewer Construction J. C. Saddington Park to Pine Avenue South

January – March 2022

A Temporary Closure of the Multi-Use Trail is required to accommodate installation of new and upgrading/replacing of existing municipal storm sewer lines and outfalls. This work, being undertaken by the Port Credit West Village Partners, has been approved by the City of Mississauga, and various levels of governments and authorities (as outlined in the attachment when you click Read More below), and applicable permits have been obtained. A pedestrian and cycling detour will be required in the interim, and this route is included in a Detour Plan when you click View Map below.

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Construction Management Plan

Revised January 11

The purpose of this report is to outline the construction management plan that will be in place to facilitate the servicing phase of the redevelopment of the former Texaco refinery located at 70 Mississauga Road South, Mississauga (the Site).


Temporary Closure of South Parking Lot at JC Saddington Park

JC Saddington Park South Parking Lot will be Temporarily Closed between January-April 2022 to permit the upgrade, installation and construction of municipal stormwater infrastructure. The parking lot closure is part of the infrastructure work commencing at the stormwater headwalls at Lake Ontario and the waterfront trail, and is the construction access point. The work is being undertaken by the Port Credit West Village Partners. This closure is required for the safety of both the public and of the construction team. Once the construction efforts at the waterfront are completed, the construction activity will extend through the parking lot, and move northward (in phases) along Mississauga Road. Further updates will be posted as the construction completes and moves into the various phases northward.

Stormwater Head Wall Section

  • East Stormwater Head Wall Section

  • West Stormwater Head Wall Section


Waterfront Trail Closure